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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Eliane Manceau talks about her joy of winning € 9,000 and shares her experience with Delices and Gourmandises.

Sunday afternoons are an opportunity for us to reunite close family members and friends to play chess or discover new films. In anticipation of these moments of relaxation, my wife never fails to provide sweets that help creating a friendly atmosphere. Since we discovered Delices and Gourmandises, there’s no problem to permanently have a stock of sweets for the pleasure of all our guests, both young and adults!
And to reward us for our loyalty, our favorite candy shop offered us a check for € 9,000 which allowed us to realize our long-standing dream of visiting Tuscany.

A wide choice of sweets for every taste

Over the past years that we buy all kinds of sweets from Delices and Gourmandises online store, we have never been disappointed. Each and every one of us has his favorites, but this does not prevent to try various products every time we send a new order, because there are plenty to choose from!
Its catalog contains both delicacies and exquisite pastries such as coconut crowns, lemon shortbread, millefeuille with cream, apple tartlets... we tried different tastes, but our taste buds are delighted every time.
Delices and Gourmandises will also fulfill chocolate lovers’ needs with its exceptional range. Even the weight watchers do not have to worry; all the products available on this platform are perfectly healthy. Between the cherries in eau-de-vie, fine mint tablets and coconut rocks or fruit jellies, fudge and almonds nougat, men and women can only be convinced.

A great gift for best customers

The real icing on the cake, if I may say so, is the reward we received for our loyalty to Delices and Gourmandises. In addition to frequent rebates that allow us enjoy sweets at very low price, the site regularly organizes quizzes and prize draws.
This time, luck was with us, because we won the lottery, namely a check for € 9,000, which filled us with joy. We made good use of this money with a trip we’ve been dreaming of for years.


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