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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Breton pancakes ou French galettes bretonnes

In the north of France, « galette » means « crêpes”, those delicious pancakes that are included in the French gastronomy specialties. However, their naming can vary according to the locality. The story of the Breton pancake is very close of that of wheat, especially buckwheat that is its main ingredient.

Story of the Breton pancake


The story of the Breton pancake began in the 12th century when the European crusaders find the buckwheat in Asia. They so try to bring some plants to grow in Europe but this variety could barely bear the European temperate climate. The climate of Bretagne, milder, and the acid soil were however adapted to it. By the beginning of the 16th century, Anne de Bretagne, convinced by the buckwheat qualities encouraged the growing of what she called “the 100 days plant”. The buckwheat pancake became then one of the locality culinary specialties. But when you hear talking about Breton pancakes, it is generally the Haute-Bretagne area that it is told about. This region is the territory of the soft and thick buckwheat pancake.

Delices and Gourmandises: What is the Breton pancake made with?

The Breton pancake is made with buckwheat flour, salt, eggs, water and butter. It can be eaten with or without salted or sweet accompaniment. The best way to taste it is salted butter, white ham, grinded cheese and fried egg. Some cooks propose béchamel sauce, minced meat, mushrooms, etc. with the galette. However, as many dishes, the Breton pancake has many variety according to the region. In Haute-Bretagne, the galette is made with this formal recipe. In Basse-Bretagne, they use to make the pancake thinner with another variety of buckwheat. In the whole area, haute-Bretagne and Basse-Bretagne, the pancake made of fine wheat flour is used as bread for sandwich. If you want to taste authentic Breton pancakes, order some from the  Delices and Gourmandises website. They are proposed within a wide range of French and international variety of cakes and sweety pastries.


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