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Monday, December 28, 2015

An easy custard recipe presented by Délices & Gourmandises

Custard is a must-have nowadays for dessert and snack. It is mostly used as a complement to biscuits and pastries. This recipe proposed by Délices & Gourmandises will easily help you prepare your sauce.

A liquid cream with a vanilla flavor

Custard is a mixture of egg yolks, milk and sugar. Most of the time it has a vanilla flavor. Its liquid consistency is the reason why it is a perfect accompaniment to various desserts such as chocolate cake and ice cream.  However, it has to be smooth and creamy in order to be a good custard.


In order to prepare a custard recipe for 4, here are the ingredients you need:
•    25 cl (1 cup) of milk
•    25 cl (1 cup) cultured cream
•    4 egg yolks
•    100 gr (1/2 cup) of sugar
•    1/2 vanilla pod


•    Boil the milk and vanilla together in a pot, then leave to cool
•    Beat the egg yolks and sugar until you get a light color mixture
•    Add cultured cream until the new mixture is evenly combined
•    Pour the mixture into the milk and take out the vanilla pod
•    Heat the mixture inside the pot and stir it with a spatula
•    Make sure boiling point is not reached. The cream is ready when you draw a line on the spatula and it stays there well defined
•    Leave to cool and keep it refrigerated

You must not forget that custard can be preserved in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Also, if the cream was overcooked and became too thick, you can render its smoothness by using a long neck blender for a couple minutes.

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