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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Armagnac, a multi secular brandy

Known since many centuries for its therapeutic properties, the Armagnac is also appreciated for its taste, its rich aromas that combine strength and roundness, and its beautiful color that reminds the color of the amber. Delices & Gourmandises tells you more about this beverage.

The oldest French brandy

The Armagnac is an ancient brandy that is actually about seven centuries old. It originally comes from Gascoigne region in France. It was already drunk at the 14th century and was mostly used as medicine; it was in fact one of the most popular medicines of these times.

The Armagnac is mostly made with craft methods with white wine. The wine is permanently distillated in an alembic. The beverage obtained is then put into oak barrels of about 400 liters for maturation during several years. The oak has been chosen for it transmits its wooden aroma and produces spicy and fruity aromas.

How to taste the Armagnac?

Delices & Gourmandises recommends you to serve the beverage in those tulip-shaped glasses or in balloon glasses for those glasses concentrate the aromas. The Armagnac can be served as aperitif, during a meal or as a liqueur after a heavy meal. You can serve it as-is but you can also add some ice or sparkling water. It will perfectly accompany a dish of foie gras, delicatessen or duck breast.

This brandy can also be used to make cocktails and meals. Prunes of Agen or fig macerated in Armagnac are delicious as dessert, with ice cream. The Three stars (aged 2 or more) and the VSOP (aged 5 or more) would be perfect. In Delices & Gourmandises catalog, you can find  some of these delicacies.


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