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Monday, July 4, 2016

Cassis by Delices and Gourmandises

Cassis, the notorious red-violet colored liquor, makes the reputation of Bourgogne. It is used in cooking to prepare delicious recipes, and is perfect to make delightful cocktails. Discover its history and some tasting tips with Delices and Gourmandises.

Discover the history of the blackcurrant liquor with Delices and Gourmandises

The production of blackcurrant liquor is inseparable from the name of Auguste-Denis Lagoutte. He is the first who started the production of this liquor in 1836, after a visit to the capital, where he could notice the high consumption of blackcurrant ratafia in Parisian cafés.

Cassis is popularized in the early twentieth century, specifically in 1910, when the mayor of Dijon, at an official reception, decided to replace the champagne by this blackcurrant liquor extended with white wine.

Delices and Gourmandises’ advices to enjoy blackcurrant liquor

In cuisine, cassis garnishes perfectly your salads including melon or beetroot. It also goes well with fish, venison, cheese, and various fruits and jams. Nature, it is used as topping on desserts. Cassis is also used to concoct delicious drinks. Depending on your wishes, it is consumed as an aperitif or a digestif. For example you can associate it with dry white wine to make the famous white-cassis. For this, Delices and Gourmandises suggest the “Riesling Moulin de Dusenbach”. As a digestive, it is possible to replace the white wine with red wine. You can also try the vermouth-cassis, a mix of one third blackcurrant liquor, 2/3 of dry vermouth and sparkling water.


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