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Friday, October 14, 2016

Try the best strawberry liqueur recipe by Delices and Gourmandises

To be enjoyed as an aperitif or digestif, Delices and Gourmandises wild strawberry liqueur is a sweet and fragrant brew that will appeal all red fruits-based drinks. Here’s a very simple recipe for a delicious homemade liqueur.

Ingredients :

Preparing Delices and Gourmandises wild strawberry is very easy. You only need :

- 500g of wild strawberries
- 1l of 40° brandy or white rum
- 500g of powdered sugar + 20 cl water or sugar cane syrup

If you have the opportunity, go for freshly picked fruits and preferably from organic culture.

How to prepare the liqueur?

It won’t take you long to prepare your wild strawberry liqueur following Delices and Gourmandises recipe but maceration period is a bit longer. However, you won’t regret being patient. Wash carefully yet quickly the strawberries under a under a drizzle of cold water then stalks them. Let them dry on paper towel before putting them in a jar. Pour the brandy or rum over the strawberries and tightly close the jar. Let the fruits macerate in alcohol for a whole month.

Once this is done, filter the juice from the preparation. Make a syrup with the sugar and water. Let cool before adding it to the alcoholic juice. If you used cane sugar syrup, add it slowly to get a pretty sweet mixture to your liking.

Keep your beverage in tightly-sealed jar and just like any alcoholic beverage, enjoy it in moderation.


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