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Monday, January 23, 2017

Some advices offered by Delices and Gourmandises on how to choose a red wine

Red wines can be paired with variety of dishes but you must choose the right bottle if you want the perfect meal. Delices and Gourmandises will show you how to combine your red wines and your food perfectly.

Red wines pair great with most main dishes

Meats are most of the time the principal component used to prepare main dishes. That is the main reason why people often serve meat based dishes with red wines.

- Full-bodied red wines and wines that are high in tannins such as a Côte-du-Rhône Domaine de Lascamp, Bordeaux Château Haut Gravelier or a Languedoc Merlot-Les Estampilles pair perfectly with grilled meat and other red game meat.

- Simmered red meats are best to combine with wines like the Languedoc La Caresse Merlot.

- Poultries like quails, ducks and geese are best to consume with red wines like Pays du Gard wines and Côte-du-Rhône rouge AOP.

- Light red wines such as a Bordeaux Château Fontana or a X de Béliard pair well with veal.

- For chicken and pork which are both white meat, it is best to use fine red wines with tannin content such as the AOC Minervois rouge Domaine du Bosc Rochet.

Red wines, cheeses, and desserts

Most Bordeaux wines pair well with blue vein cheeses. If possible, it is better to just choose wines with fruity aromas like a good Château Grand Jean or a Gewurztraminer Moulin de Dusenbach.

Red fruity wines with light tannin content are also good to enjoy with pies made with red fruits and chocolate cakes.

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