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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A very nice apple and almond pastilla recipe

Let us take you to a trip to Maghreb with this apple pastilla recipe with custard. This tasty dessert is very quick and easy to prepare. When you want a little greed, here’s the recipe for this treat.

What it takes for 4 persons

- 6 apples
- 100 gr of skinless almonds
- 10 sheets of brick pastry
- 1 tbsp. of cinnamon powder
- 200 gr of butter the juice of 1/2 lemon
- 50 gr of icing sugar
- 50 gr of caster sugar
For the custard:
- 50 gr of sugar
- 1 tbsp. of orange blossom water
- 50 cl of milk
- 5 egg yolks

Follow the next steps

- Prepare the custard: bring the milk to a boil in a large saucepan and turn off the heat. Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar into a bowl until the mixture whitens. Spread half of the hot milk over the mixture while whisking.

- Pour the mixture back into the pan containing the remaining milk and put over very low fire. Do not stop stirring with a spatula while scraping the bottom of the pan and do not boil until the cream is thick and slick the spatula. Then pour the orange blossom water to perfume. Let cool and set aside in a cool place.

- Cut the apples into wedges after peeling and removing the seeds and heart. Assemble each quarter into 3 slices.

- Heat 50 g of butter in a casserole and let fry gently for ten minutes the apples with powdered sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and lemon juice.

- Preheat oven to th6 (180°C)

- Melt the remaining butter.

- Brush each side of the 10 sheets of brick pastry with butter, after taking off the paper. Cook them for 2 minutes in the oven with their paper (depending on the size of the oven, there will be several batches). Gently peel off the paper as it comes out of the oven.

- In a frying pan, cook the crushed almonds and let cool.

- Dressing the pastilla: in a dish, superimpose 2 sheets of brick pastry, spread a layer of apple with cinnamon and sprinkle with almonds (leave a little for topping). Repeat until all ingredients are finished. Then sprinkle the top of the pastilla with icing sugar, almonds and cinnamon and serve immediately with custard.

Tip: prepare the apples in advance to avoid wasting time when arranging the pastilla.


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